Nuclear disarmament is a pressing issue, and young leaders are stepping up to make a difference. Here are the top 5 young leaders fighting for nuclear disarmament that you should know about:

The Top 5 Young Leaders Fighting for Nuclear Disarmament You Should Know About

1. Shizuka Kuramitsu

Shizuka Kuramitsu is a member of the #Leaders4Tomorrow initiative by UNODA’s Youth4Disarmament. She has been actively involved in campaigning for nuclear disarmament and participated in the Dialogue with Youth Leaders in Hiroshima. In her role, she has emphasized the need for global nuclear disarmament, calling on world leaders to take action and ensure a peaceful future for all.

2. Hideo Asano

Hideo Asano is a member of the Secretariat staff at the Japan NGO Network for Nuclear Weapons Abolition. He has been advocating for the elimination of nuclear weapons, promoting disarmament education and peacebuilding in Japan and beyond. Asano has been actively working towards the ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and is a prominent voice in the global disarmament movement.

3. Suzuka Nakamura

Suzuka Nakamura is the co-founder and designer of KNOW NUKES TOKYO, an organization that promotes peace and disarmament through fashion. She has been raising awareness about nuclear disarmament by creating apparel that highlights the dangers of nuclear weapons. Her unique approach has caught the attention of young people worldwide, and her efforts have helped in driving the message of disarmament.

4. Kako Okuno

Kako Okuno is an organizer of Fridays for Future Hiroshima, a youth-led climate action group. She has been campaigning for a better future for all, advocating for climate justice and disarmament. She believes that nuclear disarmament is vital to achieving sustainable development and has been pushing for policy changes that prioritize disarmament.

5. Kento Suzuki

Kento Suzuki is the founder of Personalization for Peace, an organization that aims to promote nuclear disarmament and peace through art. His unique approach has helped raise awareness about nuclear disarmament by engaging young people in creative activities. His efforts have been instrumental in fostering a culture of peace and disarmament among young people.

These young leaders are making a difference in the fight for nuclear disarmament. Their tireless efforts and innovative approaches are inspiring and are driving the message of disarmament to the next generation. It is up to us to support their efforts and ensure a peaceful future for all.


The issue of nuclear disarmament is a pressing one, and young leaders are taking up the mantle to create change. The top 5 young leaders fighting for nuclear disarmament are Shizuka Kuramitsu, Hideo Asano, Suzuka Nakamura, Kako Okuno, and Kento Suzuki. They are advocating for a peaceful future for all and are driving the message of disarmament to the world. It is essential to support their efforts and amplify their voices to bring about a world free of nuclear weapons.